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Around and About

  • The Museum of Traditions

    The museum provides an insight into the culture of Biscarosse and an understanding of the countryside and the way it was formed and is maintained. The origins of the sand dunes, lakes and resin cultivation are shown as well as all of the rural and crafts activities found in Biscarosse. Visit (...)
  • Hydraviation Museum of Biscarrosse

    Every year, an increasing number of visitors discover Biscarosse’s extensive aeronautical history. This summer, around 11,700 visitors came to the Museum compared with 9,100 in 2006. The museum is also the second most visited in the Landes region, behind the Marquèze Eco-museum. The Biscarrosse (...)
  • The Bay of Arcachon

    Half an hour’s drive north of Biscarosse, you can discover the beauty of the Bay of Arcachon. Space is the name of the game in the Bay of Arcachon given that it is a huge natural area that above all needs to be looked after. This does not mean you cannot enjoy it ! Green spaces are present (...)
  • The Landes forest

    Covering the surrounding area is the Landes forest, primarily made up of pine trees. Walking or cycling through the wood production forest or the user forest on the numerous footpaths and cycle paths, is a way of restoring calm and serenity, discovering fragrances, fauna and flora often (...)
  • The ocean

    the wealth of its surrounding environment and landscapes. Boasting four kilometres of white sand beaches on the edge of the Atlantic ocean with waves that no longer need to prove their reputation, the sea is clearly one of the major attractions for the community. Distance between the Hype (...)
  • The lakes

    Biscarrosse has three lakes joined by a canal : The Biscarrosse-Cazaux-Sanguinet lake (North lake) offers the joys of bathing and water sports, The small lake is more primitive and protected, The Biscarrosse-Parentis lake is one of the rare French water bases, and also a favoured spot (...)
  • Biscarrosse town

    Biscarrosse town is a community with nearly 13,000 inhabitants and welcomes almost 100,000 residents during the summer in a privileged environment combining ocean, lake and forestland. It is an area that responds to the demands of a sedentary lifestyle and boasts the capacity to welcome all (...)
  • Biscarrosse beach

    A family destination The 200 metres that run between the centre of Biscarosse Plage and the actual beach are a pedestrian area. Supervised bathing zones are also set up meaning that the whole family can make the most of their holiday in all safety. In terms of activities, beach clubs offer (...)
  • Exploring, wandering, relaxing...

    The Hype Hotel is ideally located for all kinds of stays in Biscarosse. It is just a short walk away from shops in the town centre and minutes away from the surrounding nature, lakes and ocean beaches. If you prefer cycling, cycle paths just 200 metres from the hotel will take you to the lakes (...)

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